Fixing and Flipping Houses in Phoenix Since 2002.

Flipping Phoenix Houses

Experienced real estate investors and coaches.

Marty Boardman and Manny Romero have been fixing and flipping houses in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of the city since 2002. They rode the housing wave right up until the market crashed in 2008. After the bubble burst they partnered together and began buying distressed properties at the courthouse steps. Together they've fixed and flipped over 300 properties. 

We created Flipping Phoenix Houses because we love what we do, and we like sharing our work with the world. Our other passion is teaching. We are committed to helping aspiring real estate entrepreneurs learn the business of fixing and flipping houses.

There are tons of blowhards on the internet these days touting their can't lose systems or kits for getting rich flipping houses. Seriously? A kit for flipping houses?

We're not building model airplanes. This is a real business and we are committed to teaching our students how to find, fund, fix and flip houses in the shortest possible time for the highest possible profit. 

Our Process

Finding and Analyzing Deals

The most important step in the fix and flip process. You must know how to find a distressed property, and then quickly determine if it's a profitable deal. This is where we start with our training program.

Rehabbing the Property

It won't matter if you got a great deal on the property if you don't know how to rehab the house fast and keep the budget from getting out of control. We teach our students how the rehab process works step-by-step.

Finding Money For The Deal

Don't believe the real estate gurus. The truth is you can't fix and flip houses if you don't have any money. In our program find out how we use other peoples' money to fund our deals and
how you can too.

Meet the Instructors

Marty Boardman

Marty has been a real estate investor since 2002 and is a licensed Realtor in Arizona and Wisconsin.  A published author and past contributor to, he's married with two daughters and resides in
Gilbert, Arizona.

Manny Romero

Manny has been investing in real estate since 2004. He's raised over $2 million in private capital to fund his fix and flip deals. His passion is personally coaching students. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and son.

What Our Students Say...

"All of the content and files you provided us are TOP NOTCH! Great resource! Thank you Manny Romero and Marty Boardman!"

Nicole Switzer

"I've learned every single element of fixing and flipping houses in easy-to-understand language and got access to many spreadsheets and calculators."

Jim Robinson

What Makes Us Different

We are active fix and flip investors, not gurus. Every piece of educational content we provide here on Flipping Phoenix Houses, whether it's a blog post, video, or webinar, originates from an actual property we own (or owned).

Our readers and students benefit by learning from our success, and failure. After more than 12 years of experience rehabbing houses in Phoenix we've made our share of mistakes. But the good news is we pass these lessons on here for the world to see.

Whether you visited our site to learn how to fix and flip, or just want to see how we transform our houses in Phoenix, we promise to be authentic and honest.

Now, Are You Ready to Take Action?

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