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Why Do You Want to Fix and Flip Houses?
BY Marty BoardmaN 
No, really.
Why do you want to fix and flip houses?

Is it because you saw a reality show and decided "Hey, that looks easy, I can do that!"
Or perhaps there's a vacant house on your street badly in need of repair. you think to yourself "if only I could find the owner of that property, I could fix it up and make a ton of money."
Maybe you're love with the idea of finding an ugly, outdated eyesore and turning it into the neighborhood gem. The process of transformation excites you.
Regardless of what's calling you, the fix and flip business isn't easy. That itch you have right now will fade away quickly if you're not patient, educated, organized, motivated and passionate.

Can you make a lot of money fixing and flipping houses?


But you know what?

There are thousands of ways to make a lot of money, ways that are far less time and capital intensive. At least part of your decision to start fixing and flipping is likely financially driven, most entrepreneurial endeavors are. However, to succeed you'll need more than just a lustful craving for cash.