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Non-Permitted Work: A Fix and Flip Investor’s Nightmare

My spider senses were tingling. Something didn’t feel right. It didn’t look right, either. The house, located just east of the Milwaukee airport, had a lot of curb appeal. The sky blue vinyl siding was brand new. And the roof was flawless. The houses on each side, and across the street, were adorable. The price was definitely right. But, stepping inside the cute little Cape Cod style home...
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5 Lessons Learned From a Bad Fix and Flip Deal

He was like an angel, hovering three stories above the ground. Okay, he wasn’t really hovering. This contractor, likely sent from Heaven, was actually standing on a 32-foot extension ladder. His name was Santos. And, he’d come to our rescue. It was a chilly October afternoon. Dressed in a red sweatshirt and a warm smile, he climbed to the top peak of our Victorian rehab in Wauwatosa, ...
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6 Ways to Immerse Yourself in the Fix and Flip Business

She was upset. My youngest daughter, Audrey, didn’t want to be the red fish in the school drama club performance of Seussical the Musical. To her, the role was small and unimportant. Audrey was in the 4th grade at the time. And fortunately, she didn’t get too discouraged about receiving such a brief appearance in the show. As a matter of fact, the experience made her work that much har...
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What Exactly is a Foreclosure (And How Do You Buy One)?

Did you know that the word “run” has 179 different meanings? The word “take”, according to Dictionary.com, has 127. You can use these words as a noun, verb, or in verb phrases. Thanks to the website EnglishWithATwist.com for these examples for the word “run”: My dog loves to run about in the park (move quickly with legs) She runs a very successful business (manages) The bus compan...
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