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3 Ways Lazy Fix and Flip Investors Find Deals

“I will always choose a lazy man to do a hard job because a lazy man will find an easy way to do it.” - Bill Gates (maybe) The first thing a lazy man does when writing a blog post is start out with a famous quote. Unfortunately, according to Quote Investigator, Bill Gates never said, “I will always choose a lazy many to do a hard job because a lazy man will find an easy way to do it.” Nei...
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Google Maps: A Fix and Flip Investor’s Most Important Tool

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Give a man a hammer and every problem is a nail.” This may be true, but hammers are awesome. Especially sledgehammers. As a matter of fact, the sledgehammer is the only tool our crews allow us to use at our fix and flip projects in Phoenix and Milwaukee (if you’re fixing and flipping houses and do some, or all of the work yourself, read this article to fin...
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Why You Should Partner Up to Fix and Flip Houses

Since 2009 Manny Romero, my business partner, and I have fixed and flipped more than 100 houses in Phoenix, Arizona and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our partnership began out of necessity. At the time I was working for a local real estate investor in Phoenix who was buying houses at the courthouse steps (known as trustee’s sales in Arizona). Manny was on the road, a traveling salesman of sorts. ...
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The 2 Things You Must Have to Successfully Fix and Flip Houses

I started fixing and flipping houses in 2002 after working for 15 years in the TV news business. I was a photojournalist, although most people just referred to me as a cameraman. During my time in the business I was fortunate to cover some major stories, including the 1994 Super Bowl, the 2000 Presidential election and the Columbine shootings in Littleton, Colorado. I traveled all over the coun...
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3 Ways to Add Massive Value to Your Next Fix and Flip Project

My wife has a quote from Zig Ziglar written on the whiteboard next to our garage door. It says… “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” She put it there for our daughters to see everyday as they walk out into the world. However, I also like reading the quote. It reminds me that we should all be trying something new, from time to time, and work hard to become...
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The North Phoenix Cat Pee House: Part 1

After more than 12 years of fixing and flipping houses in Phoenix there isn’t much I haven’t seen. Or smelled. So when I got the call from one of our wholesalers about a “cat hoarder” house he had for us on the north side of the city, I was expecting an odor. Not a problem for me, I’ll just breathe through my mouth on the walkthrough I thought. I parked about 5 houses away under a big tre...
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How Much Time Are You Willing to Waste Finding Your First Fix and Flip?

Buying a new car sucks. Dealing with the salesperson. Haggling over price. Then comes the inevitable high-pressure attack from the sales manager, followed immediately by the finance manager. It’s almost as bad as pickle juice in your eye. But at least with a new car you get to pick everything you want: color, features, style, finish. That’s not the case with a used car. Good luck finding ...
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Why the Easy Phoenix Fix and Flip Is Extinct

easy Phoenix fix and flip
I affectionately refer to them as “lipstick on a pig” rehabs. From 2009 to 2012 we fixed and flipped about 75 properties in the greater-Phoenix area. Not one of them took more than two weeks to “remodel”. They were simple to find and easy to finish. Carpet. Paint. Granite countertops. Some yard clean up. And then listed and sold in less than 45 days. It was beautiful. They all lo...
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Slow Closing Best When Acquiring a Fix and Flip

dirty kitchen
As cash buying fix and flip investors it's imperative to make money when we buy, not when we sell. Our business is to acquire undervalued, distressed properties from wherever we can get them, including: Wholesalers Realtors Trustee's Sales Attorneys Referrals Typically when we purchase properties from wholesalers they want us to close fast. I mean really fast (10 days or less). Y...
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The 14th Street Project: Before Video

Central Phoenix fix and flip
Finding profitable fix and flip deals in Phoenix is no picnic. There’s a tremendous amount of rivalry out there and rehabbers that are happy to earn paper-thin margins regularly outbid us. On one corner near my house in Gilbert there are three different bandit signs. These are wholesalers that all use the same technique to find distressed sellers. That’s some fierce competition. Needless to ...
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