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Non-Permitted Work: A Fix and Flip Investor’s Nightmare

My spider senses were tingling. Something didn’t feel right. It didn’t look right, either. The house, located just east of the Milwaukee airport, had a lot of curb appeal. The sky blue vinyl siding was brand new. And the roof was flawless. The houses on each side, and across the street, were adorable. The price was definitely right. But, stepping inside the cute little Cape Cod style home...
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Why You MUST Ask (Almost) Every Contractor This Question

My brother lives about three hours away in Yuma, Arizona. Situated halfway between Phoenix and San Diego, this little desert town is known by most people as the point you stop to get gas on your way to the beach, or on your way home from it. Growing up in Yuma, I appreciate it for more than just a restroom stop and place to grab a combo meal at the interstate McDonald’s. What I love most ...
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Deal or No Deal: 3 Problems Price Can’t Fix

He was standing on the outer fringes of the crowd. I don’t remember his face, only the writing on his T-Shirt. The words read… There is no problem price can’t fix.  The man was a bidder at the Maricopa County Trustee’s sale. Held daily on the courthouse steps in downtown Phoenix, this auction attracts a crowd. At least it used to. Immediately following the real estate market crash of 2008...
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6 Things That Will Balloon Your Rehab Budget

You probably own a car, or truck. And, if you own a car or truck, then you’ve probably had to have it repaired. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have something wrong with your vehicle, but not knowing how much it’s going to cost to fix it. Whenever we have something wrong with one of our cars, my wife and I like to play the “how much it will it cost?” game. It’s kind of like the gam...
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