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House on a Busy Street: Profit Killer or Killer Profit?

They say there’s no problem price can’t fix. As a matter of fact, I say this all the time to just about everyone that brings me a distressed property deal. Does the house need a new roof? Easy, take an extra $7,500 off the asking price. What about the HVAC system, does it work? No? Then give me a $4,000 discount. However, after almost 15 years in the real estate business I still have a...
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Google Maps: A Fix and Flip Investor’s Most Important Tool

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Give a man a hammer and every problem is a nail.” This may be true, but hammers are awesome. Especially sledgehammers. As a matter of fact, the sledgehammer is the only tool our crews allow us to use at our fix and flip projects in Phoenix and Milwaukee (if you’re fixing and flipping houses and do some, or all of the work yourself, read this article to fin...
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5 Inexpensive Items That Give Your Fix and Flip a Million Dollar Look

They call it the Happiest Place on Earth. As I child, I loved going to Disneyland because of the rides. Each of them provided a unique experience. One minute I was a swashbuckling pirate sailing through the Caribbean, and another I was traveling at light speed through deep space. Okay, maybe it wasn’t minutes between rides. More like hours. Those lines were terrible. These days when I...
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The North Phoenix Cat Pee House: Before and After

When we purchased the cat pee house in north Phoenix back in July of this year from a wholesaler, Manny and I knew it would be different from any other fix and flip project we’d ever completed. The rehab itself was fairly straightforward. All of the normal stuff was done, like exterior/interior paint, new kitchen cabinets and countertops, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures. Bot...
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