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The iPhone – A Tool Every Fix and Flip Investor Should Have

The carpenter has a hammer. The plumber has a plunger. And the real estate investor has an iPhone 4s or 5? Why of course. Watch this 4 minute video and you'll see that the panorama camera feature makes the iPhone 4s or 5 a must have tool for the fix and flip investor, Realtor and real estate investor.
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Lightning and Thunderhill Short Sale

You’ve probably heard the phrase “catching lightning in a bottle”. It’s used to explain an extraordinary event – when an elusive energy is captured and subsequently harnessed to achieve the unachievable. Sports coaches and managers often use “catching lightning in a bottle” to describe an unexpected victory. It has become part of their vernacular, a cliché utilized almost as frequently as “we have...
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Phoenix Housing Sub-Markets and Terms of Sale

Prior to the real estate market crash in 2008, determining the after-repair value of a home was much easier. That’s because a majority of homes on the retail market were what housing experts call normal sales. In other words, these houses were not in foreclosure or owned by a bank. With the tidal wave of foreclosures that hit nearly every city in the United States, retail markets were overr...
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House Flipping in Phoenix is Front Page News

I spent 15 years in the TV news business before I got into real estate investing. During that time I worked for 11 different news directors. What does a news director do? The news director is in charge of the news department - from the video editors to the cameramen to the producers to the reporters to the news anchors. The news director is sort of like the head coach of a football team....
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