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Your first kiss.

You remember it. But probably not because it was good.

When you locked lips with that guy or gal (whose name you may not even remember anymore) it was awkward and even a little messy. Compared to future kisses it was a complete disaster.

Afterwards you probably wondered what all the hype was about.

You’d seen kissing done before hundreds of times on TV and the couple looked like they really enjoyed it. There was so much passion and energy. Everything was perfect.

Fortunately, you didn’t give up on kissing. You tried again. And again and again and again. Now you love it. The kisses aren’t always memorable but they’re always fun.

Now try to recall anything else you did for the first time.

Walking. Riding a bike. Driving a car.

You stumbled, fell and maybe even broke something.

Fix and flipping a house for the first time will be no different. There will be some sloppy mistakes.

Better to Have Flipped and Lost Than to Have Never Flipped At All

A few days ago I was in my bank getting a deed notarized for a property we’re selling. While there my banker told me a story about a client that had recently taken out a large credit line on their home. This client used the cash to purchase a distressed house to fix and flip in Phoenix.

The project was a complete failure. My banker told me the client vowed never to fix and flip another home ever again.

How sad.

Imagine all of the valuable lessons learned (and that will be lost forever) because this person decided to give up. Whenever I lose money on a deal (it happens more than you think) my business coach says do not to think of it as a loss but as a cost of tuition.

No matter how many books, guides or blog posts you read, no matter how many videos you watch and no matter how many seminars you attend the inconvenient truth is you cannot really learn how to fix and flip a house until you fix and flip a house.

That last statement may be an awful way for me to convince you to download our new free guide, How to Fix and Flip a House Without Any Construction Experience, but we like to be honest here at

In 2012 I wrote a book called Fixing and Flipping Houses: Strategies for the Post-Boom Era.

While I’m proud of it and believe it’s an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to learn how to fix and flip houses I wrote it before I REALLY knew how to do a varsity team rehab.

What’s a varsity team rehab?

It’s a large-scale project with multiple steps requiring advanced levels of planning, production and cash, a property that’s less like a rehab and more like a rebuild. Over the past three years my partner Manny Romero and I have transitioned from doing “lipstick on a pig” type fix and flips to full-blown rehabs in Phoenix and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Now we want so share what we’ve learned with our readers.

But instead of publishing another book and charging $20 for it we decided to give this information away for free in a new guide called How to Fix and Flip a House Without Any Construction Experience.

This isn’t some dull, generic how-to fluff piece of marketing garbage. It’s a comprehensive operations manual for running a fix and flip business in Phoenix (or anywhere else that has houses).

In this guide you’ll learn:

• Why fixing and flipping a house is a process, not a system
• The (6) tools of the trade (hint: none of them are heavy)
• The key things to look for when acquiring a property
• How to estimate a project budget
• How to find, negotiate and hire reliable contractors
• How to sell your property for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time

So click here to get your free guide. While this may not be a substitute for doing a real world fix and flip it’s about as close as you can get. With it you’ll be as prepared as possible to acquire, rehab and sell your first deal.

And hopefully it won’t be as sloppy as your first kiss.