You’ve probably heard the phrase “catching lightning in a bottle”. It’s used to explain an extraordinary event – when an elusive energy is captured and subsequently harnessed to achieve the unachievable. Sports coaches and managers often use “catching lightning in a bottle” to describe an unexpected victory. It has become part of their vernacular, a cliché utilized almost as frequently as “we have to take it one game at a time”.

I often wonder why no one ever talks about “catching thunder in a bottle?” For my money, thunder is way cooler than lightning. A big, powerful, ground-shaking explosion will scare the pants off the toughest male or female human. When someone sees lightning they usually go “ooh and ah” like they’re watching a fireworks show. But, a loud crack of thunder will send everyone running for cover.

Last month, I managed to catch lightning in a bottle on a short sale deal. Ironically, it was located on Thunderhill Drive. Here are our numbers on the flip:

Retail Sales Price


Acquisition Price


Commissions/Closing Costs


Holding Costs




Net Profit


My acquisition to closing time was 50 days and it went under contract in 4 days. I can live with those numbers. Hopefully, lightning will strike twice, or about 20 more times this calendar year.

Below are some pictures of the property. Enjoy.