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Why Do You Want to Fix and Flip Houses?

house with wrench
No, really. Why do you want to fix and flip houses? Is it because you saw a reality show and decided “Hey, that looks easy, I can do that”? Or perhaps there’s a vacant house on your street badly in need of repair. You think to yourself “if only I could find the owner of that property, I could fix it up and make a ton of money.” Maybe you’re in love with the idea of finding an ugly, outdat...
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The Exponential Power of a Business Partner

The view of the Hudson River is breathtaking and best enjoyed with a glass of cabernet. Last month, as I relaxed on the deck of my in-law’s house in upstate New York, gazing out at the sunset, I couldn’t help but think of how blessed I was to have such a trustworthy business partner back in Phoenix. Manny Romero and I met four years ago through a real estate investment education company. We hit...
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How to Meet (and Learn) from a Successful Fix and Flip Investor in Your Market

Benjamin Graham mentored one of wealthiest investors of all time.  Born in 1894, Graham lived through and actually prospered following the Great Depression.  His book, The Intelligent Investor, was published in 1949 and inspired a generation of value investors.  Mr. Graham’s most successful protégé was so inspired by the book that he moved to New York from his modest, Midwestern hometown at the ag...
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