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Why Do You Want to Fix and Flip Houses?

house with wrench
No, really. Why do you want to fix and flip houses? Is it because you saw a reality show and decided “Hey, that looks easy, I can do that”? Or perhaps there’s a vacant house on your street badly in need of repair. You think to yourself “if only I could find the owner of that property, I could fix it up and make a ton of money.” Maybe you’re in love with the idea of finding an ugly, outdat...
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Projected vs. Real Profits when Flipping Houses

cash graph man in suit
If you read my posts for BiggerPockets.com then you already know my distaste for reality shows about fixing and flipping houses (see Property Wars Distorted View of Reality). More recently the Arizona Republic interviewed me for an article about the same subject and I told them the truth about flipping houses. A big reason for this scorn is the producers of these programs gloss over the details an...
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House Flipping in Phoenix is Front Page News

I spent 15 years in the TV news business before I got into real estate investing. During that time I worked for 11 different news directors. What does a news director do? The news director is in charge of the news department - from the video editors to the cameramen to the producers to the reporters to the news anchors. The news director is sort of like the head coach of a football team....
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Fixing and Flipping in Phoenix

There are all kinds of investors in Phoenix. Wholesalers. Fix and Flippers. Buy and holders. Big. Small. Mom and Pop. Beginners. Experts. Successes. And failures. They buy short sales and bank-owned homes off the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service. They buy at trustee's sales, which take place at the courthouse steps and in law offices all around the city.  Some buy directly from homeown...
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