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How to Bid at an Auction in Maricopa County, Arizona

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. If this is really the case I wonder why the producers of the new reality show ‘Property Wars’ on Discovery Channel blatantly staged, reenacted and otherwise artificially created drama when it wasn’t necessary (if you’ve never heard of the show click here for my full write-up on BiggerPockets.com from August 3rd, 2012). ‘Property Wars’ pits four inve...
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House Flipping in Phoenix is Front Page News

I spent 15 years in the TV news business before I got into real estate investing. During that time I worked for 11 different news directors. What does a news director do? The news director is in charge of the news department - from the video editors to the cameramen to the producers to the reporters to the news anchors. The news director is sort of like the head coach of a football team....
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