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Are You a Wholesaler or Fix and Flip Investor?

house puzzle pieces
The term “flipping” is thrown around a lot by the media, real estate gurus and Realtors. Heck, our site is called flippingphoenixhouses.com. But there’s a big difference between flipping a house and fixing and flipping a house. There’s the person who flips a house for a profit without putting any real time or capital (their own or someone else’s) into the property and there’s the person that in...
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Don’t Be Fooled By The Success of Other Investors

money from the sky
Handy Joe with a full time job and a family of five just said he made 30k profit on his first deal using no money that took less than a month. Then there is Nellie Homemaker that now “controls” over 80 properties in 1 short year. It probably sounds too good to be true right? Well, it must be true. You saw it on your Facebook feed last night and if it was on Facebook it has to be true. Wha...
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How to Bid at an Auction in Maricopa County, Arizona

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. If this is really the case I wonder why the producers of the new reality show ‘Property Wars’ on Discovery Channel blatantly staged, reenacted and otherwise artificially created drama when it wasn’t necessary (if you’ve never heard of the show click here for my full write-up on BiggerPockets.com from August 3rd, 2012). ‘Property Wars’ pits four inve...
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Phoenix Housing Market Update: 8/17/12

Lately, much of the discussion around these parts has centered around single-family housing inventory, or the lack there of. However, over the past 30 days levels here in greater-Phoenix ticked up a little, around 3-4%. I’ve been noticing a trend lately that may explain the increase. Each day, I bid on 6-8 homes at the auction. Prior to bidding I must determine an after repair value for the pro...
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